We're Building The Event We Want To Attend Ourselves.

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You're invited to the inaugural Capital Camp. Serious investing conversations in shorts and sandals, accompanied by an endless supply of food, drink, and entertainment.

Over three days in Columbia, Missouri, we are convening participants who are building new asset classes, investment strategies, and businesses from the ground up. We will focus on what works, what doesn’t, and where to find unusual opportunities.

The programming will be detailed, uncensored, and actionable. All attendees, including speakers, will commit to all three days and will sign non-disclosure agreements to ensure transparent dialogue.

In attendance will be investors, capital providers, entrepreneurs, and executives who are pushing boundaries, breaking new ground, and not afraid to talk about it. Come with an open mind, not an agenda.

Expect an unusual, memorable and wildly enjoyable series of events. Think bluegrass music and a whole hog roast, not trust falls and talk of “synergy.”

Alongside deep dives into strategy, we will take advantage of our close ties to the local community to relish the best of the Midwest. You may watch an award-winning documentary film, sample artisan chocolate, or attend private performances. There will be bonfires, ample time to begin new relationships, meet with other curious people, and plenty of surprises.

Our goal is to create the best and most unique event in finance; it’s what we’d love to attend ourselves.  

We hope to see you there.

- Patrick O'Shaughnessy & Brent Beshore



When: Tuesday, May 21 - Thursday May, 23, 2019

(Check-in Tuesday after Noon, Check-out Friday morning)

Where: Columbia, Missouri

What: $7,000 ticket includes:

Three nights in a hotel (included in ticket price) and most meals

Two days of incredible programming

Private concerts, rooftop parties, farm-to-table food, indie film, and lots of surprises

Everything you’ll need/want to have a great time